Cheek Retractor

Disposable Lip & Cheek Retractor. Play Watch ya mouth.

Once again Affordable Dental Products has designed another dental product that is superior by design not imitation. As a disposable cheek retractor it will hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth for dental photography, orthodontic bonding , or just simple isolation all the way back to the second molar. You can even use them to play the game " Watch Ya Mouth". Each end of the cheek retractor can be used as a soft but firm bite block to assist the patient in staying open for the entire dental appointment. It’s C shape design allows better access for your assistant and provides a little flexibility to allow the patient to swallow.

Available in 3 sizes small child , medium teen and large adult with 10 disposable cheek retractors per bag. Ask your dealer for item numbers 51SC small, 52MC medium or 53LC large or call us for additional information.

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